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  • Fighting breast cancer

    "The results are positive, you have breast cancer." The doctor's words isolated Julie Jolly's body and mind, 509th Force Support Squadron Child Development Center director. Questions and concerns immediately flooded her head. She was about to embark on unfamiliar territory, and she tried to figure

  • 40th HS flight engineer passionate about job

    One of the most prominent, and well-known, assets on Malmstrom Air Force Base is the UH-1N Huey helicopters seen filling Montana's Big Sky; one of the lesser-known assets is the people that operate these highly recognized aircraft.Staff Sgt. Michael Frank, a flight engineer with the 40th Helicopter

  • Warren security forces Airmen participate in annual challenge

    Warren's defenders put their minds, muscles and teamwork to the test last week during their annual summer competition, Crow Creek Challenge.The competition was created about 18 years ago by Chief Master Sgt. (ret) Gary Kelly, former security forces group chief enlisted manager, and was geared to

  • Warren ops group ready for Global Strike Challenge

    The 90th Operations Group is currently training for the operations portion of Global Strike Challenge in hopes to secure the Blanchard Trophy for the second year in a row.Global Strike Challenge is a competition held between the ICBM and bomber wings under Air Force Global Strike Command."We're

  • Maintenance group members eager to compete during Global Strike Challenge

    Earlier this month, Air Force Global Strike Command's premier ICBM wing announced its Blackburn Trophy hopefuls for this year's Global Strike Challenge.Last year's maintenance portion of the competition challenged those who go out to the field, but this year's competition will focus on the skills of

  • Taking aim with CATM Airmen

    The 509th Security Forces Squadron is the largest security force in the Air Force and has the unique job of guarding the B-2 Spirit and the nation's nuclear enterprise.The 509th SFS maintain current defense skills to protect base assets and follow the Air Force Global Strike Command vision of being

  • 2 SFS Airmen gear up for Global Strike Challenge

     Imagine being face down in the cold, sloppy mud, dragging your tired, aching body under a field of barbed wire, the shouts of encouragement from teammates drowned out by the booms and blasts of simulated gunfire. For certain members of the Barksdale 2nd Security Forces Squadron, who carry about 40

  • A view from the stratosphere: General ends 33 years of service

    The departing Eighth Air Force commander recently took time here to reflect on 33 years in the Air Force, commanding a numbered Air Force, the stand up of Global Strike command, and the people he has served with. Summing up the accomplishments of Eighth Air Force during his two years as commander,

  • Memorial Day: remembering, honoring RAIDR 21

    Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to their country. As this day approaches, Barksdale remembers the tragic loss of aircrew RAIDR 21 July 21, 2008.Aircrew from Barksdale were deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, as part of the 20th Expeditionary Bomb