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  • Staff Sgt. Ricky Mahaney: tackling a semi-pro football career

    Staff Sgt. Rickey Mahaney is first serving his country as an Airman and steward of nuclear deterrence here. His weeknights and weekends are dedicated to a hobby that has shaped his life for more than a decade - American football.Sergeant Mahaney, 509th Force Support Squadrons assistant NCO in charge

  • From the Frontline: Master Sgt. Robert Weber

    Master Sgt. Robert Weber, Jr., has been in the United States military for the past 33 years as a Marine, Soldier, and now a Warrior Airman. He has traveled the world to include countries from Saudi Arabia to Iceland to Guam. Now, the 131st Bomb Wing Maintenance Control NCO in charge is currently

  • Focus on the Force: Compassionate controller very passionate about her job

    Everyone knows to dial 9-1-1 when faced with an emergency situation, however very few know who the voice is on the other end of the line taking that important call.For one Air Force Global Strike Command security forces member here, that job has become one of her keys to success.Senior Airman Tonya

  • Malmstrom driving instructor prepares Airmen for 6,000-mile 'flightline'

    Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen who post to the Malmstrom missile complex travel approximately 25,000 miles a day. In sum, the odometer readings from Malmstrom's government vehicles reached approximately 6.9 million miles last year.To prepare Airmen for their long drives across Malmstrom's

  • Malmstrom bioenvironmental engineer's skills benefit local community

    Unique job descriptions are status quo for the military. Approximately 1 percent of the United States population serves in the military, and a fraction of that serves in the Air Force. It's no wonder being a bioenvironmental engineer here would be extraordinarily unique.For one Air Force Global

  • From the Frontlines: Senior Airman Estiven Gonzalez

    Senior Airman Estiven Gonzalez, 509th Operations Support Squadron SERE specialist, returned from his six-month deployment to Southwest Asia in November. There, he provided essential training to more than 600 soldiers who depended on him to teach them how to avoid capture and what to do if they were

  • Malmstrom chaplain shares story of contemplating suicide

    Chaplain (Capt.) John VanderKaay knows what it is like to contemplate suicide. He also knows what it's like to seek help for his feelings and begin the healing process. He has been there and shares his story with anyone it might help.Three months after returning from a tour in Iraq, he made a

  • From the Frontlines: Staff Sgt. Laura Burton

    Her ears ring from the screaming sirens on Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan. She freezes up, focusing on the tornado of questions going through her mind. Confusion is the only word to describe her current state. She shakes the shock away. Seeing her colleagues dropping to the ground and covering

  • Focus on the Force: Staff Sgt. Campos Rivera

    Staff Sgt. Armando Campos Rivera, the 341st Missile Operations Squadron nuclear certified equipment monitor, demonstrates on a daily basis the importance of the Air Force's three core values - integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.His dedication to excellence in all we do

  • Global Strike Airmen save lives by employing the Wingman concept

    Two Air Force Global Strike Command Airmen saved a life recently when they alerted base security forces to the suicidal thoughts of their friend, employing the Wingman concept to get the ailing Airman the help he needed."A life was saved in our command that day because immediate action was taken by