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  • Bodybuilding through adversity

    The Air Force is a large organization comprised of Airmen working to get the mission done and deter our nation’s adversaries 24/7, but what happens behind the scenes? What gets these Airmen up every day and keeps them strong and motivated in the face of everyday challenges? Senior Airman Niketa Wilson, 90th Force Support Squadron fitness
  • Security forces: our first line of defense

    Whether it is rush hour or the middle of the night, situational awareness is critical when guarding the gate. Every time someone enters the base, a security forces Airman is surveying and monitoring them to ensure there are no threats or red flags that could compromise the base and the safety of Airmen and their families.
  • Military couple pursue success together

    A family with both parents pursuing a successful career can be challenging. Add the military as that successful career and it becomes the epitome of our core value of excellence in all we do. Recently celebrating their nine-year anniversary, Staff Sgt. Miguel Guajardo, 90th Medical Group dental clinic NCO in charge of logistics, and Senior Airman
  • Longstanding campaign, $8.2 billion raised

    Since 1971, after a national implementation, one campaign has been able to give $8.2 billion to a variety of different charitable organizations. The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a means that is allowing federal employees and retirees to donate to a choice of one or multiple charities through a single electronic transaction online.
  • Airmen protect, ensure base communication

    The 341st Communications Squadron at Malmstrom plans, operates and maintains information technology resources supporting the wartime requirements of the 341st Missile Wing.The unit maintains communications systems for the base’s Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, Air Force Global Strike Command’s Secure Global Network, data
  • Cheering the charge: a look back on the wing’s missile competition mascot

    You may know him as Grizzly. You probably call him Roadkill. And perhaps you even remember him as the High Plains Warrior.And a warrior he is. He has represented Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, for almost three decades at missile competitions hosted by Strategic Air Command, Air Combat Command, Air Force Space Command and Air Force Global Strike
  • OSI: The Airmen in Black

    A freshly-pressed suit, sharp tie and holstered sidearm; truly a look that could kill. Much like the secret agents you see in the movies, and certainly dressed for the part, agents of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations ensure the branch is protected from any threat.
  • Airman brings age, experience to Malmstrom

    The Air Force raised the maximum age for enlisted members from 27 to 39 years old in mid-2014, allowing one Airman serving in the 341st Logistics Readiness Squadron to bring 39 years of experience to Malmstrom.Airman 1st Class Mark Martinez, 341st LRS vehicle operator, is responsible for maintaining base government vehicles. He ensures the vehicles
  • Striker Trident, Pathfinder develops new generation of leaders

    A U.S. Navy submarine crests the waves of the Pacific Ocean, its gray hull capped with white foam as it submerges back into the icy depths. Several thousand miles away, U.S. Air Force missileers sit in underground launch control centers filled with an assortment of screens, buttons, dials and switches. They wait for a call they hope never comes, the end-result of the U.S. President’s decision to deploy nuclear weapons.
  • Spouse uses diagnosis to educate

    I would stare off into the distance for 10 minutes. People thought I was day dreaming. I wouldn’t even remember doing it. Something was wrong but I didn’t know what. That is how Tamika Rhinehart, military spouse and mother, felt before she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her young battle with her disorder has taken eight months of her life, but she is staying strong and fighting back.