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  • Global Strike Commander marks First Anniversary

    August 7th marks the first anniversary of the stand-up of Air Force Global Strike Command. On that day, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Norton Schwartz, officially activated our Command, providing a single organization responsible for the oversight of two-thirds of the Nation's nuclear capabilities--the first completely new major command
  • Safe, Secure, Effective - how do we get that way?

    We've all heard the words Safe, Secure, and Effective. It's the way we do our mission every day. But how do we get there? We get there through knowledge and attitude, for starters. Rock solid technical expertise, in depth familiarity with technical order requirements, and proficiency in our assigned tasks build the foundation of knowledge that we
  • Commentary: Global Strike Command Chief's words on leadership

    I'm a fuels guy. It's what I've done my whole Air Force career--until now. I currently serve as the Executive Assistant to the Command Chief at Air Force Global Strike Command--Chief Master Sgt. Jack Johnson, Jr.Recently, the Chief gave a speech during the Airman Leadership School graduation at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., entitled "Never Forget
  • Listen then speak, follow and then lead

    In the military we have a culture of supporting our leaders; all is well when we know our leaders have our backs. From our most senior leaders to our unit leaders, we put our trust in them. Leaders inspire and motivate us to do our best. During the course of our careers, we have admired someone who portrayed a quality of leadership that we would
  • Mighty Eighth adapts, excels

    Mighty Eighth,As we head into the second half of 2010 and prepare to celebrate our nation's independence, I've been amazed by the blistering pace of events that you've sustained, and I've been extremely impressed with the ability of the Mighty Eighth Team to adapt and excel during this time of great transition and change. Several significant
  • Honoring fathers on Father's Day

    A 14- and a 12-year-old boy and a chainsaw ...I'm not sure what picture those words paint in your mind, but in my mind, that picture ain't pretty.My 14-year-old mind, on the other hand, wasn't thinking about the horrors of what could have happened when I decided, along with my brother, to use my grandfather's chainsaw during the construction of a
  • Remembering those who gave their all

    This Memorial Day, we remember those men and women of our armed forces who gave their lives serving their country. Recently I had the honor to lay a wreath on behalf of our Command at the memorial on Guam for the crew of RAIDR 21, who went down in a B-52 off the coast of Guam nearly two years ago. I also had the privilege of visiting the beaches on
  • Pursuing the American dream

    What is the American dream? We hear about it all the time, but what is it really defined as?According to several highly famed philosophers of our past, including James Truslow Adams in 1931, the American dream can be defined as a national ethos of the United States of America in which democratic ideals are perceived as a promise of prosperity for
  • The War on Information

    "We only wish to represent things as they are." - Clausewitz, 1832 There is a popular platitude known as Moore's Law that explains how computers and the information processing discoveries that accompany them double in speed and memory approximately every 20 months. This was postulated in 1965 by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore; interestingly, this
  • Protect your identity from social networking scams

    Popular social networks have allowed us to electronically keep in touch with our family members and friends through new feeds, blogs, tweets and photographs. Social networks have become a place to share our personal information with the world.Social networks have also become an easy target for cyber criminals to evolving in to their main source of