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  • Pearl Harbor Day: Bombers land 1st punch following devastating attack

    After the devastating attacks destroyed the bulk of the Pacific Naval Fleet and Army Air Corps, fighter and bomber forces at Pearl Harbor the Far East Air Forces (FEAF) were on high alert. The bulk of the Army Air Corps stationed on the Luzon, Philippine Islands, consisted of 35 B-17s in the 19th

  • Set a positive example

    Each day we have the opportunity to set an example which may significantly impact others. Will that impact be positive or negative? Several years ago, a group of individuals, both officers and enlisted, some in uniform and some not, gathered in the front lobby of the Barksdale gym. The time was

  • The Silence of Nuclear Deterrence is Deafening

    As I complete what I like to call my "first lap" around 20th Air Force it amazes me to see our Airmen executing what some would call a less than "sexy" mission. I ask myself how many mission sets in our Air Force ask us to never fly a sortie, maintain 24-hour constant state of readiness and do it

  • To Perpetuate Peace

    Each year, on November 11, we remember the veterans who have sacrificed for us and those service men and women who are currently fighting for our freedom around the globe.However, not many of us know the true history and original meaning of Veterans Day.Although World War I officially ended with the

  • Our veterans ... my heroes

    As we approach Nov. 11, Veteran's Day, I am reminded more readily that those of us wearing the uniform have a special bond with those who have worn the uniform -- our veterans. We share an identify that transcends any differences we may have. We unite in a duty to serve and sacrifice for our great

  • Creating a culture of energy conservation

    October is Energy Awareness Month and I am challenging you, the Airmen of Air Force Global Strike Command, to incorporate energy conservation into your daily lives.By changing our culture with regards to energy use, we achieve increased operational efficiency and remain good stewards of taxpayer

  • A Report from the Alert Force

    The intercontinental ballistic missile force, a mysterious and quiet warrior domain to many, is extraordinarily active every day of the year ensuring the security of our missile fields and nation from America's heartland - and my hat's off to the men and women within 20th Air Force for this

  • Where were you when the world stopped turning?

    "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?"These words from a country song by Alan Jackson are stirring. It's a song we all wish did not have to be written. "Where were you on that September morn?" What were you doing? Do you remember? Most importantly - what did you learn?We may not appreciate

  • Global Strike Command celebrates two years of success

    On August 7th, it will have been two years since Air Force Global Strike Command was activated to be "a new major command focused and dedicated to the nuclear and conventional global strike mission--a key component of strategic deterrence."When we set out on this path two years ago we understood the

  • Facing and overcoming change

    "The waiting is the hardest part. Everyday you see one more yard. You take it on faith. You take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part." These words by Tom Petty come into my mind every time I'm waiting for something. I believe military families do more waiting to hear what is next than