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What is Project Tuskegee?

Introducing the new partnership between Air Force Global Strike Command and Tuskegee University. This initiative allows for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets from the university to be presented with the opportunities available as an Air Force Global Strike Command Striker.

With Project Tuskegee, Air Force Global Strike Command hopes to increase opportunities for various underrepresented groups within local communities and AFROTC cadets in order to be exposed to opportunities available as an Air Force Global Strike Command Striker.


  • Present the many opportunities within Air Force Global Strike Command, such as an Eighth Air Force aircrew member or Twentieth Air Force missileer

  • Reinforce the historical connection between Tuskegee Airmen and Air Force Global Strike Command

  • Create a culture of unity that welcomes talent from all walks of life to Striker Nation


Striker Airmen will collaborate and coordinate with AFROTC cadets from Tuskegee University.  As apart of the program Strikers will: 

  • Visit Tuskegee University's AFROTC Detachment

  • Engage on a national level or other large events

  • Increase opportunities for underrepresented groups to take advantage of opportunities available to become a Striker

  • Participate in observances that highlight diversity

  • Educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Aircraft, and Mathematics related expos, conferences, camps, and air shows that engage with underrepresented youth and diverse audiences

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"All Airmen stand on the shoulders of the Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen were critical to the success of bomber forces during World War II, proving that we are better when everyone has an opportunity to contribute."

- General Anthony Cotton
Commander, AFGSC



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