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  • Ambulance Services brings life-saving skills to the fight

    When an accident or life-threatening situation occurs, the 509th Medical Group Ambulance Services flight is prepared to provide immediate emergency services and, if needed, transportation to the nearest medical facility.With 10 Airmen on alternating 24-hour shifts, Ambulance Services is responsible for medical protection to the Whiteman AFB
  • Whiteman pilot reaches 1,000-hour milestone

    "The sun was coming up over Manhattan as we re-entered the U.S. at 20,000 feet," said Lt. Col. Dave Anderson, 394th Combat Training Squadron chief of B-2 training systems at Whiteman Air Force Base. "As I banked the plane to turn on course, I looked right down my wing into Ground Zero. Then, as we rolled out, on our way back to Whiteman, we could
  • Wheel and Tire Shop keeps jets rollin'

    The majority of aircraft maintainers focus on keeping jets in the air, but the Airmen at the 509th Maintenance Squadron Wheel and Tire Shop have a different focus: getting those jets back to terra firma.  The two-member shop that maintains all of Whiteman's B-2 and T-38 tires is rarely idle, as a steady stream of Magnesium and rubber rolls through
  • Start Smart scores at Youth Center

    An early springboard into the world of youth sports, the Whiteman Youth Center provides both children and parents the opportunity to bond by participating in the Start Smart sports developmental program. Start Smart introduces 3-to 5-year-old children to different sports including basketball, soccer, T-ball and flag-football. Each, are a six-week,
  • From the Frontlines: Senior Airman Chance Farmer

    As U.S. and Coalition forces transfer control of law enforcement responsibilites to the Iraqi government, members of Whteman AFB are deploying to train and assist the Iraqi Police force.While deployed for more than a year to forward operating base Falcon in Baghdad, Iraq, Senior Airman Chance Farmer, 509th Security Forces Squadron security patrol
  • 80,000 pounds... unloaded

    Whiteman is the only base to possess such a magnificent hunk of metal. It takes a four person crew to load, costs $19 million dollars to build and requires a checklist compiled of 10 chapters, one for each different scenario. What is it? The Weapons Load Trainer. Built by Lockheed and Hughs in 1993 for Whiteman AFB, it is full scale B-2 weapons