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  • FitFactor boosts healthy living for youth

    Parents and teens may find themselves wanting to make more positive healthy decisions about their nutrition but might also find themselves unsure of how to get there.Air Force Airman and Family Services officials are helping achieve the participant's goals through FitFactor, a key component of the overall Air Force Youth Programs fitness and health
  • AFE Airmen ensure flight safety

    Air Force pilots have numerous types of equipment they must know the ins and outs of and be able to properly wear before they can fly. They rely on Airmen working in the aircrew flight equipment properly assembled and ready at all times.Airmen working in the 509th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment shop are responsible for
  • Combat Crew Communications: Gatekeepers of COMSEC

    Whether an air traffic controller needs to speak to an incoming pilot or a team of pilots need to speak to one another in flight, Airmen working in the combat crew communications career field are prepared to ensure pilots can make any type of in-flight communication when the mission calls for it.Airmen from the 509th Operations Support Squadron
  • Simple gesture greatly appreciated by those who served before

    Once a month in Cheyenne, Wyo. a pastime is shared and holds a special meaning for those involved. Members of F. E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., set aside a part of their morning schedule to travel across town to visit with veterans at the Cheyenne Veteran's Affairs Clinic and play Bingo, before returning to the mission.Warren's Top 3 organization
  • B-52H Student Aviators

    The 11th and 93rd Bomb Squadrons here have teamed up to train student aviators to operate the B-52H Stratofortress.In a nine month period, the 11 BS formal training unit takes new aviators and teaches them the fundamentals of the B-52H through academics and hands-on training."There are about three months of academics where we focus solely on
  • Airfield Management: Lives safety 24/7

    To keep the mission flying, it's vital to ensure Whiteman's aircraft have a safe flightline for landing and take offs -- especially in support of the Air Force's only B-2 Spirit wing. That's where the 509th Operations Support Squadron Airfield Management operations flight comes into play.The safety of Whiteman's airfield depends on the coordination
  • 90th CES firefighters help protect USAFA

    The personnel of the F. E. Warren Air Force Base Fire Department waited outside large bay doors in front of their fire engines June 29 for the return of their fellow firefighters from Colorado Springs, Colo.Heath Bichel and Jesse Johnson, 90th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighters, pulled the Brush 15 fire truck close to the awaiting crowd and
  • From the Frontlines: Senior Airman William Peters

    In December 2011 the U.S. withdrew its last troops from Iraq to end Operation Iraqi Freedom. Senior Airman William Peters, 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle operations, was deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, from July 2011 until February 2012 and held a critical position in helping our troops pull out of Iraq.After bases throughout Iraq
  • The mission: Fishin'

    Whether it's for the thrill of the catch or for the enjoyment of the greater outdoors, fishing has become an all-American pastime for families all across the country. This year, the best military anglers in the country gathered at Lewis Smith Lake in Jasper, Ala. to take part in the 22nd annual American Bass Anglers Military Team Bass
  • AGE flight keeps B-2s flying

    As critical as the mission is for the B-2 Spirit to be able to maintain air superiority, it's also important for the 509th Maintenance Squadron's Aerospace Ground Equipment Flight to ensure equipment is operational to support daily maintenance operations that keep the B-2s flying.The AGE flight maintains more than 800 pieces of equipment across the