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  • "Hit it out of the park"

    As America's pastime sport quickly enters its new season, baseball pitchers across America prepare for the season in hopes of making it to, and winning, the World Series. This can also be said about the Air Force and their preparation to be inspection ready.In order to be successful in both, it

  • Trading pain for a purpose

    Every time I run a marathon, I cringe just a little bit as I contemplate the back half. I think about the back half a lot, and by back half I mean miles 17-26.2. I'm just an average runner, but marathons have taught me almost as much about spiritual growth as seminary training.In a marathon, the

  • Overcoming failures

    You will fail. The question is, how will you respond? This reminds me of a parable of the carrot, egg and coffee.A senior irman was distraught when he learned he did not make Staff Sgt. after his first time testing. His staff sergeant supervisor saw a teaching opportunity and the next day he filled

  • Equipping our Airmen

    When I entered the Air Force 16 years ago, my father-in-law, who is retired Army, shared a bit of service rivalry with me. He said that it's well known the Air Force "mans equipment" while the Army "equips men."For those of us in blue, it's an insulting idea. When I look in the mirror though, I have

  • Make smart, responsible choices

    When I was a child, my grandfather picked me up from school every day and would always ask me the same thing, "What did you learn today?" and no matter what my responsewas to his question, it would always trigger the same comeback from him, "Think, think, think!"It would anger me every day, not

  • Veterans Day: Service, professionalism, sense of duty

    As Strikers we have a proud heritage, one that each of you are a part of through your service. You carry on the great responsibility that Strategic Air Command dutifully accepted more than half a century ago: stand as a force to deter America's enemies and assure America's allies, exhibiting our

  • Suicide prevention: The Wingman

    Editors note: this is the first article in a series of stories focusing on suicide prevention.Suicide prevention is a high priority in the Department of Defense, focusing on the numerous resources available to those with suicidal thoughts. What we sometimes fail to discuss is how we can be there for

  • The Real Unsung Heroes

    In the fast paced tempo of today's often high operations environment, I often find myself thousands of miles away from home due to temporary duties, deployments or training. As I am off doing what I have loved for over twenty-five years in these various locations, I often find myself stopping to

  • Air Force Global Strike Command: Five Years in the Making

    In an age dominated by instant gratification, some often gravitate to what has not been done, rather than recognizing an organization's success and the hurdles it has cleared.This week we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Air Force Global Strike Command.In thinking about AFGSC, we often expect

  • Aug. 7 marks five years of deterring, assuring

    In a 2009 speech in Prague, President Barack Obama stated as long as nuclear weapons exist, "the United States will maintain a safe, secure and effective arsenal to deter any adversary, and guarantee that defense to our allies." This is what Air Force Global Strike Command does, and has successfully