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  • The 3 'Cs' of leadership

    The word leadership is used often, especially in the military, but what does it mean? I like how leadership author, John C. Maxwell, defines it. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. I like this definition because it has nothing to do with a title, position or job. Everyone has the potential and responsibility to influence others and
  • My daughter - my hero: A resiliency success story

    As we recognize American Heart Month this February, I am struck by the thought that heroes and role models don't have to be older than we are. I need only look to my 12-year-old daughter Renae. When Renae was a few hours old, she started turning blue. Within a few hours she was diagnosed with a rare congenital heart defect - Ebstein's Anomaly.
  • Advanced Weapons and Tactics Training - Not for the faint of heart

    There are many requirements we all face when tasked with a deployment. These can range anywhere from medical screenings to weapons qualifications. Each deployment has its own set of special instructions for Airmen to follow.A few months ago, I was tasked with a deployment to Southwest Asia. I was kind of disappointed because I thought it would be a
  • The courage to maximize

    The word leadership may conjure up visions of many people or attributes we believe a leader should possess. Certainly, I prefer some leaders to others, and the few examples here may be extraordinary individuals. My favorite leaders are the successful wartime presidents and other leaders who were committed to their cause for the greater good of
  • Finding the right work-life balance makes all the difference

    As we progress in our Air Force careers we take on more responsibilities, which often times equates to longer hours and increased demands of our time. We begin to face more challenges in our work-life balance that can affect our families and our duty performance. As a command chief, I always use the importance of balance in one's life as a talking
  • Budget despair! What can we do to help?

    Recently, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley published a series of four opinion editorials, each alluding to the upcoming budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, our weapons inventories are aging while budgets and manpower are shrinking. Donley, in the first op-ed dated Jan. 8, summed it up: "Crafting the right mix of people and weapons to
  • Listen to the doctor!

    One of the greatest memories I have is reading to my children when they were younger. Their favorite books were always from Dr. Suess. Two of my favorite Dr. Suess quotes are, "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are
  • Stress: don't let it gain control

    It is the job of commanders and first sergeants to ensure Airmen are physically and mentally fit to both deploy and perform their home station mission. We all know the importance of physical fitness, but mental fitness is often neglected and daily stressors can become overwhelming. Stress can affect sleeping and eating habits and work performance.
  • Rebooting Yourself for the New Year

    It's a new year! A new year brings many new things to us, our families and our units. New challenges, new opportunities and if you are willing to take on a challenge: New Year's resolutions. From eating healthier and following an improved workout regimen, to participating in making your workplace better, to pledging to finish your Community College
  • It takes strength to seek assistance

    We talk a lot about resiliency, and rightfully so. Life is full of unforeseen difficulties: our careers don't go as we planned, we experience relationship troubles and we get non-volunteered into retraining or assignments. However, so much of how we perceive our situation is based on how we react to life's unforeseen events. I'm not pretending that