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My husband and I pose for a photo at the Base Exchange Nov. 29, 2016 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont. Recently my husband and I attended a Relationship Enrichment Seminar offered by the base chapel to teach us ways to communicate with each other as a married couple. (U.S. Air Force courtesy photo) Our one-year tune-up: Marriage seminar teaches compassion by communicating
I have heard various people say the first year of marriage is the hardest. My husband and I have been married for a little over a year, and it has not always been butterflies and rainbows.Through it all we have upheld our promise to keep God as the third strand in our marriage and to love one another through whatever life may throw at us.A friend
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First Lt. Terrence Dale Duarte, 320th Missile Squadron missile combat crew commander and 2nd Lt. Nikolas Ramos, deputy missile combat crew commander, sit at the control console inside the launch control center at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., Nov. 5, 2016. When directed by the U.S. President, a properly conducted key turn sends a "launch vote" to any number of Minuteman III ICBMs in a missileer's squadron, two different launch votes are required to enable a launch. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano) Silent Sentinels: 320th MS Missileers
Wake up, shave, put uniform on -- go to the capsule where the controls to the most powerful weapons on earth are. That’s not my routine, but it is for the 320th Missile Squadron missileers and all missileers in Air Force Global Strike Command.  On Nov. 5, I headed to out to the 90th Missile Wing missile complex. My mission was to capture a
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Default Air Force Logo Moving Forward: 20th AF/CC outlines professional development initiatives
Today, more than 11,000 “Sentinels” currently serving in 20th Air Force are following in the footsteps of our first commanders - Generals Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, Curtis E. LeMay and Nathan F. Twining - founding fathers of the United States Air Force and global strike innovators. For more than 55 years, the men and women who served in the ICBM
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PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – Senior Airman Rose Gudex, 21st Space Wing Public Affairs photojournalist, surrounds herself with her Air Force family from Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., during difficult times. Gudex didn’t have a solid support system before joining the military, but found a family in her brothers and sisters in arms. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Dennis Hoffman) Good night, mom
At the time, I did not realize how important it was to have a support system. I also didn’t understand the concept that family didn’t have to be related and could be anyone who cared enough to make sure you were OK.
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Default Air Force Logo #BeThere before the call
When the phone rings in the middle of the night, it’s like an alarm going off in your brain. No one calls at one in the morning to say they were “just thinking of you.”I received one of those calls 13 years ago and woke to my mom telling me my dad had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The words didn’t sink in right away; I had to ask her to
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Default Air Force Logo Looking Back: My personal memories of 9/11
America’s dwindling ranks of the “Greatest Generation” vividly recall what they were doing when Pearl Harbor was attacked on Dec. 7, 1941. Once Japan had “awakened the sleeping giant,” this patriotic generation rose to the challenge and defeated tyranny in World War II. What about the generation which witnessed America’s first major crisis of the
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A 90th Missile Security Forces Squadron Humvee sits on the access road of a Missile Alert Facility in the F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., missile complex, in this composite of two photos taken on Feb. 8, 2016. Security forces, missileers and other 90MWAirmen stay vigilant 24/7. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Senior Airman Jason Wiese) Lessons learned in the missile complex
As part of an effort to knock out multiple public affairs tasks, I spent a night at a missile alert facility. At the risk of coming across as a missile field newbie, I would like to explain what I learned about the operations in the field and the ICBM Airmen who conduct them.The first thing that stuck out to me was the drive out to the site.The
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Default Air Force Logo My spouse, our perks
“What happened to all the ABU shirts?,” asks my husband as he frantically searches through our cluttered closet for a clean shirt to wear under his uniform. I think to myself, “You would know if you did the laundry,” but my sensible side persuades me to hold my tongue and help him pack his gym bag.  There’s no sense in arguing when we’re both tired
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Warren Ward, deputy chief of programming division, Air Force Global Strike Command, stands next to the nose art on "Grim Reaper II," the B-52G he flew January 16, 1991, during Operation "Secret Squirrel." The aircraft was one of the seven strike aircraft used during the top secret mission. The original nose art was cut off and preserved, and is now on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. (Courtesy photo) The Story, 25 Years later
Reunions are special times to renew friendships and reminisce over our shared experiences. As the veterans of a B-52 mission affectionately dubbed “Secret Squirrel” by those who flew it 25 years ago gather in Shreveport Jan. 15-17, we will certainly jest about receding hair lines and expanding waist lines, but we will also honor several men who
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Col. Todd L. Osgood, 379th Expeditionary Medical Group commander's commentary.
Take time to explain “why”
The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Air Force, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government. Good communication is a key element of successful organizations. As leaders, managers, or supervisors, we're sometimes so focused on communicating the "what"
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