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  • Desert Storm: 2nd Bomb Wing leads the air war

    In the early morning of January 16, 1991, the 2nd Bomb Wing deployed seven B-52G Stratofortresses crews to Iraq in a single, secret mission that would mark the beginning of Operation Desert Storm.

  • Remembering Desert Storm: Where we are today in the Total Force Continuum

    A quarter of a century ago this week marked the opening salvo in Operation Desert Storm. The operation was an American shock and awe campaign to evict Saddam Hussein from Kuwait and displayed airpower that the world had not seen since Operation Linebacker II over Vietnam. I was honored to be part of

  • A look back at Desert Storm

    Operation Desert Storm was an exceptional example of Total Force integration in support of combat operations with an all-volunteer force.Jan. 16, 2016, marks the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm, the coalition effort to free Kuwait from the grips of an Iraq invasion force. Below are some factoids on

  • The AFMS in the Persian Gulf War and the need for critical care

    January 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Desert Storm, it also marks a turning point in Air Force Medical Service’s Critical Care Transport Teams (CCATT). “We were not serving the Army as well as we could have in the Air Force,” explained Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Paul K. Carlton, a former Air Force Surgeon