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  • Where does responsibility start?

    But I’ll only do it once… But he didn’t do it… But she said it was okay… But they told me it wasn’t cool… But. A term used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting with what has already been mentioned and often used as an escape from one's own personal responsibility.
  • The Healing Process

    It was the stereotypical image of a car accident, the one where cars are frozen in time as their metal noses scrunch back to avoid colliding. Inside the car, glass shards danced in the air as her body was jerked toward the windshield.
  • One Choice: Learning Curves on one Airman’s Road to Redemption

    “We have an incredible mission here at Barksdale and it takes the entire team to make that mission happen,” said Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd BW commander. “When we lose an Airman to an alcohol-related incident, it not only hurts the Airman's career, but it hurts their teammates, their squadron, their group and the entire Wing. Over the past three months we have effectively lost production and training from 23 Airmen across the base. In today's environment where every squadron is short of personnel, we cannot afford to lose even one person let alone 23.”
  • A 911 call starts base all call

    A frantic 911 call, almost too hard to decipher by the dispatcher, blared over loud speakers at the F.E. Warren parade field, opening the 90th Missile Wing all call, June 20, 2016. A woman cried and pleaded for help at a crash site as people were gravely injured and possibly dead.   “The loss of one Airman profoundly impacts the entire wing,” said