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First sergeants' perspective on Lincoln's leadership lessons: Introduction

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Tracy Wallace
  • 90th Missile Maintenance Squadron first sergeant
President Abraham Lincoln has a lasting legacy and will be remembered for abolishing slavery, his role in the Civil War and his assassination. However, few realize that his leadership style was simple, innovative for his time and can still be utilized today.

Over the next four weeks, the First Sergeants Council will be publishing articles detailing Lincoln's leadership principles. The articles are based on the book, "Lincoln on Leadership," by Donald T. Phillips. The book is divided into four parts covering the following: Part I, "People;" Part II, "Character;" Part III, "Endeavor;" and Part IV, "Communication." Each week, a different First Sergeant will discuss one of the leadership principles and how they relate to you.

You may be asking yourself: "Why does the First Sergeant Council think it's important to cover this book?" The intent is for the reader to gain leadership insight and principles that they can use today, as well as, tomorrow. In our ever-changing fiscal and work environment it is critical that we learn from past situations. Lincoln benchmarked overcoming both fiscal and rapidly changing environments. As you read, feel free to take notes and even be inspired to read the book in its entirety.