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From the Frontlines: Airman 1st Class Nathan McMahon

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Keenan Berry
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Pilots are responsible for operating aircraft to complete their assigned missions, but they cannot get the planes off the ground without all the pieces in place.

Airman 1st Class Nathan McMahon, 386th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron journeyman, is one of many Airmen responsible for just that mission.

McMahon deployed to a base in Southwest Asia just last month and is currently working at an aircraft parts supply shop.

"I work at the aircraft parts store," said McMahon. "It's a warehouse where we pull parts for combat oriented support issues (COSO) so maintainers can fix the planes that come in. We process items that need to be turned in so they can be shipped to other bases for repair. We also inventory all of our items to make sure the numbers in the system and the numbers on the parts actually match."

On a typical day, McMahon works with different shops to ensure they issue parts to the appropriate locations.

"My day-to-day duties are to check with COSO to make sure they don't need us to process any turn-ins from the maintainers," said McMahon. "I also run different listings to keep our warehouse up-to-date and make sure everything has a location. I'll make trips to the traffic management office and process parts that have been turned in so we can ship them off for repair."

After a long day of work, it is nice to have a good place to relax. McMahon said his living conditions are of good quality and conveniently located.

"I'm currently living with one other person in the dorms," said McMahon. "The room comes with a fridge and TV, and since my roommate works days and I work nights, I have the room to myself most of the time."

Although the living conditions are fairly comfortable, McMahon still misses the conveniences of home.

"Of course I miss my family," he added. "It is hard to talk to people with the time difference."

McMahon's duties at his deployed location are different from those at his home station.

"Back at Whiteman I worked in customer service, which was more desk work and running different listings on the computer, while here the work is a lot more hands-on," said McMahon.
"Here, it's also easier to see how what I'm doing directly benefits the mission."

Despite his different tasks, McMahon understands the role his job plays in operations downrange.

"It's very important because without us, the maintainers aren't able to get the parts they need to fix the aircraft," said McMahon.

In addition to making sure the work gets done, McMahon is known for exercising "service before self" in accomplishing his job.

"He is a motivated and hard-working Airman who puts the mission before himself and is dedicated to helping his fellow wingmen," said Tech. Sgt. Roberto Guerrero, 386th ELRS NCO in charge of flight service. "He is willing to take on challenging tasks to ensure the job is completed."

This is McMahon's first deployment, and he is doing what it takes to make it worthwhile, including participating in his office's nightly ping-pong tournament.

"It is different than what I'm used to," said McMahon. "I'm having fun and enjoying what I'm doing. It's also great liking the guys I work with."