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AFGSC Congratulates 2022 Senior MSgt. Selects

  • Published
  • Air Force Global Strike Command

Air Force Global Strike Command congratulates all those across the command who have been selected to promote to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant.


Inbound Strikers

(S)MSgt Michael Chancey

(S)MSgt Aaron Franklin

(S)MSgt Vilynthia Hawkins

(S)MSgt Katelyn Moore

(S)MSgt Jessica Pinner

(S)MSgt Wynee Puentes

(S)MSgt Benjamin Smith

(S)MSgt Latesha Tyler

2nd Bomb Wing

(S)MSgt John Baugh

(S)MSgt Robert Bentz Iii

(S)MSgt Nathan Black

(S)MSgt Anita Bostic

(S)MSgt Donald Derusha

(S)MSgt Michelle Luckett

(S)MSgt Joshua Partin

(S)MSgt Glenn Rodgers

(S)MSgt Leon Russell Jr

(S)MSgt Laura Vance

(S)MSgt Justin Viator

(S)MSgt David West

(S)MSgt Bernadet Wilburn

5th Bomb Wing

(S)MSgt Timothy Blier

(S)MSgt Jason Castillo

(S)MSgt Ryan Cordell

(S)MSgt Stefanie Ewalt

(S)MSgt Jayson Martin

(S)MSgt Phillip Plinski

(S)MSgt Bryan Reed

(S)MSgt Stasia Smith

(S)MSgt Jessica Velasquez

(S)MSgt Juan Vergara

(S)MSgt Megan Wallin

(S)MSgt Sarah Wilkerson

7th Bomb Wing

(S)MSgt William Bovastro

(S)MSgt Charles Davis

(S)MSgt James Earles

(S)MSgt Ato Cogo Ellis

(S)MSgt Jonathan Epps

(S)MSgt Jaime Gutierrez

(S)MSgt Roberto Hernandez

(S)MSgt Shana Holloway

(S)MSgt Dylan Luther

(S)MSgt Sancho Macias

(S)MSgt Ryan Otero

(S)MSgt Thomas Pittman

(S)MSgt Amy Seaton

(S)MSgt Jesus Soto

(S)MSgt Katie Speer

(S)MSgt Chris Warren

28th Bomb Wing

(S)MSgt Martez Blair

(S)MSgt Michael Bowser

(S)MSgt Earl Foreman

(S)MSgt Richard Krotchie

(S)MSgt Effie Matthews

(S)MSgt Mikel Mitchell

(S)MSgt Thomas Sebulsky

(S)MSgt Bryan Vandersloot

(S)MSgt Joshua Webster

509th Bomb Wing

(S)MSgt Matthew Baker

(S)MSgt Leticia Brazil

(S)MSgt Joshua Crosby

(S)MSgt Christopher Estes

(S)MSgt Michael Grayless

(S)MSgt Aaron Shaw

(S)MSgt Melissa Villalobos

8th Air Force

(S)MSgt David Groff

(S)MSgt Charles Marshall

(S)MSgt Gerald Moore

(S)MSgt Esmer Provencher

(S)MSgt John Robertson

(S)MSgt David Seenauth

(S)MSgt Nathaniel Vallejo

90th Missile Wing

(S)MSgt Marlyn Daust

(S)MSgt Stefan Hobbs

(S)MSgt Markeus Lee

(S)MSgt Justin Macias

(S)MSgt Paramore Monzon

(S)MSgt Ryan Santini

91st Missile Wing

(S)MSgt Natasha Horn

(S)MSgt Nicholas Kolja

(S)MSgt Donald Moran

(S)MSgt Jeremy Roberts

(S)MSgt Kyle Tow

341st Missile Wing

(S)MSgt Michael Benoit

(S)MSgt Randal Burkhalter

(S)MSgt Darnell Dobson

(S)MSgt Jeff Konigsbauer

(S)MSgt Lardan Patten

(S)MSgt John Smith

(S)MSgt Adam Toombs

(S)MSgt Danny Torres

(S)MSgt Derek Williams

377th Air Base Wing

(S)MSgt Desmond Boyd

(S)MSgt Carey Burgess

(S)MSgt Sean Devereaux

(S)MSgt Matthew Giacona

(S)MSgt David Prye

AFGSC Headquaters

(S)MSgt Beverly Adams

(S)MSgt Jessica Allen

(S)MSgt Joshua Beatty

(S)MSgt Albert Brown

(S)MSgt Russell Burns

(S)MSgt Andrew Cherry

(S)MSgt Jonathan Clay

(S)MSgt Daniel Deherrera

(S)MSgt Courtney Flowers

(S)MSgt Lee Isaksen

(S)MSgt Adam Massey

(S)MSgt Takisha Mayo

(S)MSgt Jarvis Mitchell

(S)MSgt Ronald Reyome

(S)MSgt Aqueelah Seilz

(S)MSgt Seth Stivers