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Veterans Day: Service, professionalism, sense of duty

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson
  • Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command
As Strikers we have a proud heritage, one that each of you are a part of through your service. You carry on the great responsibility that Strategic Air Command dutifully accepted more than half a century ago: stand as a force to deter America's enemies and assure America's allies, exhibiting our strength through peace.

SAC stood watch over the world's most powerful weapons while honing the concept of strategic, long-range strike. The triumphs, advancements and innovations during that time all hinged on the work of our veterans. Our future achievements will all hinge on your work, and those who choose to serve after you.

Gen. Curtis LeMay, one of SAC's most notable commanders, said that "It should be a great personal satisfaction to every member of the Air Force that the power of this global strike force is recognized by every nation in the world ... every milestone rests on self-sacrifice - on the work of [Air]men who, to do their jobs, refuse to acknowledge existing limitations or 8 to 5 working hours. I'm confident the challenges of the future will be met as they have been met in the past."

We face many challenges today, some in the form of resources, others in the form of a complex global environment. Thank you for meeting the future challenges General LeMay spoke about, and thank you for having the strength to be a force for peace.

We stand guard to the world's most powerful weapons and possess the ability to strike anywhere on the globe, anytime, a responsibility we can never take lightly. My fellow Strikers, I thank you for your service, professionalism and sense of duty.

Enjoy your Veterans Day and remember those who served our country honorably before us. May we all enjoy the relative peace we experience daily because of your service and the hard work and dedication of those who came before.