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Safe, Secure, Effective - how do we get that way?

  • Published
  • By Col. Douglas Cox
  • 5th Bomb Wing commander
We've all heard the words Safe, Secure, and Effective. It's the way we do our mission every day. But how do we get there? We get there through knowledge and attitude, for starters. Rock solid technical expertise, in depth familiarity with technical order requirements, and proficiency in our assigned tasks build the foundation of knowledge that we need. Attitude is formed with a positive mental outlook, toughness in the face of adversity, and the dedicated professionalism I see each day around this base and out in the missile field. Indeed, knowledge and attitude will carry us very far, if we are dedicated to keeping both in tip top condition.

We can't get all the way to safe, secure and effective, however, without an additional element. That element is the Personnel Reliability Program. Those of us on PRP know individual reliability is essential to ensure no unreliable person is working on or around the weapons placed in our charge. Even someone whose reliability is not in question might not have the right capability on any particular day - perhaps a temporary medical issue or a family problem is getting in the way. It's imperative that we report a condition that would prevent us from giving our full attention to our duties. And as wingmen, we have to take care of our friends and neighbors on the PRP - if you see that something isn't right in your wingman's life it's your responsibility to notify the chain of command, whether you are on PRP or not. Family members and spouses can help the mission in this way too: if there's a concern on your mind share it with the squadron commander, first sergeant or key spouse. They'll know how to handle it properly and discreetly to keep us safe, secure and effective.

PRP is a unique requirement many aren't familiar with until they arrive at Minot AFB. It's important to remember the point of PRP isn't to stick your nose in someone else's business. On the contrary, it's a tool all of us depend on to make sure we're doing our jobs the way we must. Our nation's trust has been placed in each of us in a very important way. We can be proud of our responsibility to deliver deterrence and assurance to the American people and to our allies; it's a mission the vast majority of people could not do. Yet you do it superbly every day - with knowledge and attitude - enabled by the Personnel Reliability Program. That's the daily path to safe, secure and effective combat capability.