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'Stupid is as stupid does'

  • Published
  • By Maj. Mel Turner
  • 90th Security Forces Squadron commander
This is one of my favorite movie quotes of all time. It's pithy and factual. The context in which it is used refers to a person's intelligence based on their actions ... actions that are careless or not well thought out. I often hold myself accountable when performing incidental acts that are far from Mensa quality or un-Einstein like. Many of us have fallen short of being classified as cerebral Olympians, but none more than those who act without thought to their purpose, potential and plan.

Everyone has a purpose. A purpose guides us. Those with children are purposed to be parents. Those married are purposed as spouses. Those of us in the Air Force are purposed to be Airmen. Each purpose has an expectation that someone needs you to fulfill. An unfulfilled expectation is an unaccomplished purpose. What is your purpose, and what does someone expect of you? If you know what the expectations are and you fail to meet them, we begin gravitating towards being a Darwin Award candidate. If you fail to meet that expectation, the one needing that purpose to be accomplished will meet those expectations themselves or will find someone who will, and that leaves you without a purpose. So, how really important are the people in your life or your job? You are valued by them, because they see more than whom you are now, they see who you really are.

Every person breathing air has the potential to accomplish great feats. Last week, we were visited by the American300 Warrior Tour. These American patriots were previous Olympic athletes and veterans who don't know the word quit. Each had a goal, a vision of where they saw themselves and they set out to achieve it. Just like these guys, some of us feel we are capable of so much more in this life. What are you doing about it? What do you have the potential, talent, skill, resolve, intestinal fortitude to accomplish? Are you are placing blame on others because you're not living up to your capabilities? Are you unable to apply your potential to develop and grow because you're distracted by alcohol, debt? By attempting to keep up with or pleasing others, are you frustrated with where you are at right now in life? What's your plan to succeed and discover your place in life?

My daddy used to tell me "Fail to plan, plan to fail." It was verbal garbage when I was 12, but it's my life's treasure now. A plan gives us focus, allows us to see tasks and time lines to accomplish. It helps me eliminate distractions. It also helps me decide what relationships in my life are healthy and unhealthy. Anyone in my life who doesn't want to see me fulfilling my purpose, live up to my potential and to attain my goals, I can't really consider them friends.

When I plan on taking a trip, I'd be stupid not to have a reason (a purpose); this will help to know what to pack. For my journey I'd be stupid not to have the capability to get to my desired destination; such as a maintained vehicle, food, money (potential). Finally, I'm not leaving with a map or directions (a plan) to get there. If you agree it's not wise to travel distances without a purpose, potential to get there and a plan; then doesn't it make sence to have these things for our journey in life?