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Airmen show excellence in 2015 GSC security forces competition

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brandon Valle
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Last week, ten teams comprised of more than 50 security forces Airmen traveled to Camp Guernsey, Wyo., to participate in the 2015 Global Strike Challenge. Each team took part in five challenges over the course of four days. The trials were designed to test the Airmen in every day scenarios and on normal skills they are trained on - from shooting and tactics, to land navigation.

The first challenge was held at the Camp Guernsey shooting range. Every member of each team had to show proficiency in both the M-4 assault rifle and the M-9 pistol. Then specific team members were chosen at random to fire an M-203 grenade launcher, an M-240 machine gun or to shoot distant targets with an M-4 with an attached scope.

The second challenge took Airmen into the hills of Guernsey, where they had to use land navigation and coordinate mapping to find specific locations. Once found, the Airmen performed a task - from distance estimations to identifying IEDs - before plotting and locating the next target.

Airmen were sent to the shoot-house on Guernsey for the third challenge. Once there, they were tested on their building breaching and clearing skills. An opposing force worked against the teams to prevent them from achieving their goals during the challenge.

The fourth challenge required Airmen to clear a town occupied by an opposing force and recapture an asset that had been taken. The five-man teams were evaluated on their tactics, their methods for handling the opposition, and their communication and teamwork.

For the final challenge of the competition, teams competed in a 3-mile warrior run. Towards the half way mark of the run, teams had to veer of the course and push a Humvee 100-yards in a dirt field. For the last 100 yards, one team member was randomly selected as a simulated casualty, causing the team to carry the Airman the remaining distance to the finish line.

This year's competition was the first time in the Global Strike Challenge's history that every Global Strike Command wing was represented in the competition at one single location. Teams from each of the three missile wings, each of the nuclear-capable bomb wings, and teams from the wings that will soon join Air Force Global Strike Command all competed.