Celebrate accomplishments this holiday season

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Frank G. Klotz
  • Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command
As 2009 draws to a close, it's worth reflecting upon the many extraordinary events of the past year. Last fall, Secretary of the Air Force Donley and Chief of Staff General Schwartz developed a roadmap to refocus our efforts on reinvigorating the Air Force nuclear enterprise. Thanks to your hard work and professionalism, we are well on our way to doing just that. While your accomplishments would fill countless volumes, here are a few highlights:

You established Air Force Global Strike Command (Provisional) and developed the initial planning documents to stand-up the permanent command. You activated Air Force Global Strike Command Headquarters at our new home at Barksdale AFB. You accomplished hundreds of actions to assume responsibility for our nation's ICBM forces from Air Force Space Command. Now, the men and women of 20th Air Force are proud members of the Air Force Global Strike Command team. Finally, and most importantly, during the transition you maintained a safe, secure, and credible strategic nuclear deterrence force for our Nation.

While your accomplishments for 2009 were certainly impressive, 2010 will be just as busy as we focus on receiving 8th Air Force and its long-range, nuclear-capable bomber forces from Air Combat Command; and, on achieving Full Operational Capability.

All of our accomplishments would have been impossible without you - our Airmen and civilian teammates. So, during this very special season, please remember to practice sound risk management strategies with regard to travel, alcohol consumption and recreational activities. Take care of yourselves, your families and your wingmen. We simply cannot afford to lose any member of this Command. We need every one of you back safe and sound as we start 2010.

Also, please take a moment to remember our fellow Airmen who are standing watch--whether in the missile field, on the flight line, or in 24-hour work centers--or deployed far from home, defending the freedom we hold so dear. Their dedicated service, along with yours, protects the freedom enjoyed by all Americans as they celebrate this Holiday Season.

Nancy and I wish you and your loved ones the very best for the holidays and for the New Year!