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Global Strike Challenge ends with score-posting

  • Published
  • Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs
Air Force Global Strike Command's first-ever Global Strike Challenge competition culminated with traditional score posting and trophy presentations over two nights at Hoban Hall here, Nov. 16 and 17.

Spotlights, thumping music, mascots and giant video screens greeted winning teams who cheered and rushed to the stage to pose for celebratory photos while claiming their prizes as the first-ever champions of Global Strike Challenge.

The competition was meant to connect the Command to its heritage while developing expertise and recognizing the "best of the best" in the bomber, missile and security forces areas.

"Competition promotes a culture of excellence and expertise." said Lt. Col. Mike Petrosh, Global Strike Challenge project officer. "From the very beginning of our history, Air Force leaders have understood the importance of continually pushing to be the best."

Competitions started as early as April at Minot AFB, N.D., Colonel Petrosh said, and involved hundreds of hours of preparation for both select competition teams from the unit level and for headquarters organizers, who also put on a two-day symposium during the score-posting days.

More than 400 Airmen from Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Combat Command, Air Force Reserve Command and the Air National Guard competed for the right to take home the trophies until the next competition.

"Our leaders have made it clear that we must recognize and reward excellence, and those who excel, in order to be successful at building and sustaining a Global Strike Command culture that ensures safe, secure and effective nuclear and global strike operations," the colonel said.

Global Strike Challenge has been called an amalgam of the bomber and missile competitions of past eras.

The mission, however, is not complete for the competitors of Global Strike Challenge. Officials challenged competitors to share their experiences with their peers and train the future weapons systems and technical experts.

Awards presented follow:

- The Fairchild Trophy for best Bomb Wing: 509th Bomb Wing, Whiteman AFB, Mo.

- The Blanchard Trophy for best ICBM Wing: 90th Missile Wing, FE Warren AFB, Wyo.

- Charlie Fire Team Trophy for best Security Forces: 509th Bomb Wing

- The Linebacker Trophy for Best B-52 Operations Squadron: 2nd Operations Support Squadron, Barksdale AFB.

- The Bartsch Trophy for Best Electronic Counter Measures: 2nd Operations Support Squadron, Barksdale.

- The Mitchell Trophy for Best Bomb: 7th Operations Support Squadron, Dyess AFB, Texas.

- The Lemay Trophy for best Overall Bomb Squadron: 7th Operations Support Squadron, Dyess.

- The Eaker Trophy for Best B-1 Squadron: 7th Operations Support Squadron, Dyess.

- The Tibbets Trophy for Best B-2 Operations Squadron: 13th Bomb Squadron, Whiteman.

- The Ellis Giant Sword for Best Bomber Maintenance: 7th Bomb Wing, Dyess.

- The Linhard Trophy for Best ICBM Operations Squadron: 740th Missile Squadron, Minot AFB.

- The Neary Trophy for Best Emergency War Orders Crew: 490th Missile Squadron, Malmstrom AFB, Mont.

- The McMahon Trophy for best Weapon System Crew: 741st Missile Squadron, Minot.

- The Blackburn Trophy for best ICBM Maintenance: 90th Missile Wing, F.E. Warren.

- The Spirit Bell Trophy for the team best representing Global Strike Challenge teamwork and esprit de corps: 5th Bomb Wing and 91st Missile Wing, Minot.