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Minot Airman named Space and Missile Operator of the Year

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jose L. Hernandez
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
A 91st Operations Support Squadron crew commander was recently awarded 2010 Company Grade Officer Space and Missile Operator of the Year Award.

Capt. Patrick T. McAfee earned this prestigious recognition through hard work and dedication, according to 740th Missile Squadron commander Lt. Col. David Kelley.

"His superb leadership skills enabled him to form a team that achieved superior results," said Colonel Kelley. "I am extremely proud of Captain McAfee and his well deserved recognition as the AFGSC 2010 Space and Missile Operator of the Year. He embodies all of the qualities of a nuclear professional and represents the excellence that is the trademark of the 740th Missile Squadron and the 91st Operations Group."
During his time as flight commander for the 740th Missile Squadron, the captain's leadership commended him for his hard work mentioning that he demonstrated outstanding leadership capabilities, which greatly contributed to the 91st Missile Wing earning an Outstanding Nuclear Control Orders rating.  His leadership also contributed to the 91st Operations Group's success in achieving the best operations group inspection results of any group in 20th Air Force for the inspection cycle.

The captain explained when he worked out in the missile field, each person played an important role and they all relied on each other to ensure operations ran as effectively as possible.

"There were a lot of things I had the opportunity to handle," said Captain McAfee. "My worked involved dealing with coordination of special projects, administrative paperwork, tours, and everything in between."

At times there were long work-days with multiple projects, events and operations going on. Yet the captain said he was always ready for what was next.

"There is always constant change in my work there, since different things were going on all the time," said Captain McAfee.

The captain said one aspect of the job he found surprising during his time in the field, was his involvement in a wide range of work tasks and duties.

"There are a lot more behind the scenes duties I was involved in," said Captain McAfee. "There has been a broad scope of tasks I have been involved in, which I wasn't really expecting when I first began this career field."

Nonetheless, he expressed the job has given him a chance to interact with people all the time and establish great relationships with co-workers.

"Leading peers and friends was among the most difficult aspects of the job," said Captain McAfee. "But I learned that having mutual respect with those I worked with was key and it made for a better workplace."

Captain McAfee expressed he was humbled to have been nominated to go up against the best of the best and looks forward to competing at an Air Force level.

"I'm really thankful my leadership thought enough of me to nominate me for the award," said Captain McAfee. "And honestly, I was surprised to find out I won."