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All calls increase Warren's awareness of Strike Now! program

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jason Wiese
  • 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs
Sometimes the best source of information about ways to improve operations comes from those actively engaging in operation. For this reason, Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, initiated the Strike Now! program, which allows all Global Strike personnel to submit ideas for improving the way we do business.

Master Sgt. Jesse Boyd, AFGSC Strike Now! Program coordinator, visited Warren and briefed its personnel about the program at multiple all calls.

Strike Now! is a program through which AFGSC personnel can submit ideas directly to senior command leadership without going up their chain of command, Boyd said.

With budget cuts looming, finding ways for Airmen to perform their missions efficiently while being good stewards of tax dollars is very important. This program will help Airmen do just that, Boyd said.

Both attributed and anonymous submissions will be accepted.

Out of 450 submissions submitted thus far, 80 have been approved, Boyd said.

One approved idea, submitted by a senior airman, was to purchase new kitchen equipment to prevent wasting food. Over time, this can save AFGSC considerable amounts of money, Boyd explained.

The fact that the idea was submitted by a junior enlisted Airman and approved by a general officer shows anyone's voice can be heard using the program, Boyd said. In fact, no matter who submits an idea through the Strike Now! program, it will not be reviewed by anyone beneath the rank of colonel or GS-15.

Other ideas under consideration include the combining of various inspections to avoid costly redundancy and a First-Term Airman Center analog for first term officers, Boyd added.

The Strike Now! initiative is complementary to the Air Force's long-running Innovative Development through Employee Awareness -- commonly called the IDEA program, he said.

Airmen will receive command recognition for approved, innovative ideas, and may be encouraged to submit to the Air Force IDEA program if appropriate, he said. The IDEA program offers both nonmonetary and monetary awards

"The program has been well-received by commanders, senior leadership and Airmen," he said.
"Everybody wants to be heard, so if [Lt. Gen. Kowalski] is saying, 'Speak to me,' it is a big deal."

Strike Now! will allow the command's Airmen to "be able to tell us directly where improvements can be made without needless roadblocks and bureaucracy," Kowalski said.

"If Airmen have thought of a better way to do their jobs, we want them to tell their leadership,
but here at the headquarters we also want to hear about it," he added. "Strike Now! provides a process to give ideas more attention at all levels and to allow us to track them to a conclusion. This puts discipline in our suggestion process and allows us to build a culture that seeks to be 'faster-better-cheaper. Don't be bashful, put in the idea -- and Strike Now!"

Those wanting to make a Strike Now! Suggestion can do so by visiting the AFGSC or 90th Missile Wing sharepoint site, emailing Boyd at or calling DSN 781-8284.