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Air Force NC3 Center deactivates as missions realign under AFGSC

  • Published
  • By Carla Pampe
  • Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs

In 2017, Air Force Global Strike Command stood up a new organization here to oversee the Air Force’s nuclear command, control and communications systems - the U.S. Air Force Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Center. After making significant strides to normalize the way in which our service handles NC3, the Air Force NC3 Center was formally deactivated June 4.

Over the past four years, center personnel worked to streamline the management of approximately 62 different systems into a codified weapon system. This transition was made possible by the men and women of the NC3 Center, who tackled some daunting tasks across the nuclear enterprise, according to Col. Craig Ramsey, Commander, AFNC3 Center.

“In the last four years, we made a lot of progress across the Air Force that was needed to increase the focus area of NC3,” Ramsey said. “Now it has the attention it deserves across the enterprise, and we’re in a better position for NC3 overall.”

Ramsey said the deactivation of the center is a step in normalizing the NC3 weapon system by moving its different mission sets (bombers, launch control centers, wing command posts, unified command centers, etc.) under their respective directorates within AFGSC.

“For instance, sustainment and logistics for the NC3 systems will move back under the A4  directorate, which manages the same type of issues for every other weapon system,” Ramsey said. “Planning and programming for the various mission sets will move back to the A5/8 directorate, which manages plans and programs for all things in the command.”

During the transfer of roles and responsibilities back to AFGSC, no manpower will be lost.

“There will be a net zero change in personnel assigned to the base,” Ramsey said. “We will still have all the people that were doing the work at the NC3 Center, they’re just in a different chain of command.”

Ramsey said there has been a very deliberate turnover of roles and responsibilities over the last few months to ensure continuity of mission. He also added that he is very proud of the work NC3 Center personnel accomplished over the last several years.

“At a time when we really needed it, we were able to provide a one-stop shop for NC3 across the Air Force,” Ramsey said. “That paired us nicely with some of our partners, and gave this mission the focus it needed at a critical time.”