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341st SSPTS undergoes name change: meet Missile Security Operations

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Tristan Day
  • 341st Missile Wing Public Affairs

The 341st Security Forces Support Squadron adopted new mission sets over time since implementation of the Missile Security Operations Concept nearly three years ago, and is now officially known as the 341st Missile Security Operations Squadron.

In October 2017, Twentieth Air Force restructured how missile wing's security forces groups operated, initiating the MSOC. This new objective created new squadrons and altered current ones.

"The MSOC combined site and maintenance support functions of each Missile Security Forces Squadron into three separate squadrons working on rotating schedules, but doing the same tasks," said Senior Master Sgt. Gregory Cotton, 341st MSOS security forces manager.

Before MSOC was implemented, the 341st SSPTS was a 70-person unit responsible for various support functions, which allowed the MSFS units to focus on operational matters.

"Now, all the MSFS units do everything and we took on tactical response force and convoy response force on top of maintaining our mission set of support," said Maj. Tito Ruiz, 341st MSOS commander. "We took on more missions and ended up becoming more than just a support squadron. We became operational."

Originally, the TRF and CRF sections belonged to the 741st Missile Security Forces Squadron. By having the SSPTS take on these duties, all three were able to focus on the same thing altogether.

"TRF and CRF has unique mission sets and were absorbed into the SSPTS unit, increasing SSPTS from a 70-person to 220-person unit, with the majority of the personnel now operationally-oriented in TRF and CRF," said Cotton. "Transitioning to the MSOS name better suited the overall new unit."

With the 341st Missile Wing operating the largest missile complex in the U.S. Air Force, spanning 13,800 square-miles, and the new mission bestowed upon the former support squadron, a name change was due.

"The re-designating from the 341st SSPTS to 341st MSOS recognizes the operational importance of this squadron," said Col. Frank Reyes, 341st Security Forces Group commander.

"With the re-designation to MSOS, that name captures the essence of their operational mission, not just one of support," he continued. "Since its inception, SSPTS served in the role of supporting, but in its new designation, on some days it's the one supported."