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AFGSC commander hosts think tank


Air Force Global Strike Command recently hosted a think tank at the Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference in an effort to establish conversations on key global strike issues ranging from long range precision strike to the Air force Nuclear Command and Control Center. The think tank allowed AFGSC leaders to connect with leaders from academia and research institutions to gain a common understanding and candid feedback.

“These types of events help build and maintain relationships with experts who can provide us insights,” said Gen. Tim Ray, AFGSC commander. “The diversity of ideas these meetings bring to Global Strike help make us a smarter command and empower us to make better decisions.”

Think tanks also allow scholars to know the subject and ideas the Air Force is considering, which ideas need further development, and how they can assist in advancing knowledge and expertise in these focus areas.

“You always want to hear the issue in the commander’s own words. These interactions inform us on what is going to be important and what we need to be thinking about, and so we know what the Air Force is thinking about,” said Dr. Rebecca Grant, think tank attendee and research expert. “They are really helpful engagements that lead to understanding and create synergy – today especially about NC3 and joint multi-domain.”